PTO Survey Results and Helpful Links

And the PTO Survey Says…

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our PTO Survey. We distributed the survey to parents and staff in an effort to gather feedback and ideas on how to improve our value to the school community. At the top of the list of great suggestions was to provide more communication regarding school events and news. Therefore, we are providing links to various sources of school information that can be found on the homepage of the school’s website (, inside the blue pentagon shaped banner:

RBHS Home Page Blue Pentagon Banner

  • Clarion – This is the school’s only student-run newspaper documenting daily student life, opinions, and feature articles (click on “Clarion” from the school’s home page at or go directly to their website at, then scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on the white envelope inside the orange box to subscribe).
    The Clarion
    Clarion Subscription
  • Monthly District Newsletter – Subscribe to receive this parent and community newsletter featuring messages from the Superintendent and Principal, district goals and school events (click on “District Newsletter” from the school’s home page at then click on “Subscribe to the District Newsletter” link).
    District Newsletter
  • RBTV – This educational television network is produced by staff and students (click on “RBTV” from the school’s home page at or go directly to their website at
  • School Calendar – To see a detailed calendar of school events and activities, visit the school homepage at and click on “School Calendar”.
  • Schoology – This is an online course management system and social network which provides access to your student’s courses, homework, and groups. Also view your student’s submissions and comments (click on “Schoology” from the school’s homepage at For instructions on how to access Schoology, click on the following link:
    <ahref=”http:”” accessing%20schoology%20for%20parents.pdf”=””>
  • Skyward – To access your student’s grades, missing assignments and attendance, or to subscribe to receive daily or weekly notifications, visit and click on “Skyward”.  Upon logging in, go to “My Account” on top right side of page next to your name.  At bottom of account settings page is a section called “E-mail Notifications” where you decide to what you want to subscribe.                                                                  Skyward

Also on the school’s website ( below the blue pentagon shaped banner you will find:

  • Daily Student Bulletin – Subscribe to receive daily school announcements regarding upcoming events and activities (, scroll down on homepage to “News & Announcements” in white box, then click “subscribe to news”).
    News & Announcements
  • Social Media – RB’s Twitter and Facebook accounts can be located on the homepage of                                       RBHS Twitter Feed

Other suggestions from the PTO Survey include providing presentations at PTO meetings on topics such as academic enrichment opportunities for students, careers, summer camps and job opportunities, and information on ways to get students involved at school. We are working on plans to include these ideas in our offerings this year and have already provided a forum on academic opportunities at our October 5 meeting; see videotape at . Please contact Jeannine Glavas ( or Pam Powers (, if you have any ideas you would like to share for future PTO forums or programs.


The RBHS PTO Executive Board