PTO Giving Tree at Parent Teacher Conferences


Upon occasion, RBHS parents would like to support a specific PTO event, one that is meaningful to their family or something they feel passionately about.  We want to give you the opportunity to choose exactly how your money is spent!  During parent teacher conferences (Thursday, October 27th from 12-4 pm and 5:30-8 pm) stop by for a moment to visit the PTO table and choose a tag from our “Giving Tree.”  You can decide the amount you wish to donate and specify how you would like that money spent.  You can also click on the Add to Cart buttons below to donate via Paypal or credit card.

Here are some examples:

PTO Prom Fund — RBHS PTO purchases prom tickets for students who cannot otherwise afford to attend.

PTO Prom Fund

Day of Service Fund – RBHS PTO brings together hundreds of RB students, staff, parents to perform a day of service in our community.  Your donation helps to pay for buses to get the students to and from the sites, supplies and tools, and Day of Service t-shirts for the participants.

Day of Service Fund

Philanthropy Fund – RBHS PTO receives requests from RBHS staff each year to help pay for events which are not being funded by the school district.  The PTO has helped to fund ipads which are used by the Physical Education department to track students’ performances in the Wellness Center, costumes and sets for the spring musical, HERO student rewards program and a table of periodic elements for RB’s newest chemistry teacher.

Philanthropy Fund

Senior Awards Night Fund – RBHS PTO provides refreshments for the Senior Awards Night each year.

Senior Awards Night Fund

Veterans Reception Fund – RBHS PTO sponsors the Veteran’s Day reception to honor the Veterans who attend the RBHS event.

Veteran’s Reception Fund

Student Leadership Program Fund – New for the 2016/17 school year, the RBHS PTO has a Student Leadership Program which provides scholarships to RBHS students who wish to attend an academic summer enrichment camp, leadership program, or arts program.  Scholarships will be awarded in the spring.

Student Leadership Program Fund

RB Boutique Flash Sale– RBHS PTO sponsors a Boutique in the Fall and Spring to provide girls the opportunity to purchase gently used dresses and jewelry for Homecoming or Prom. Your donation will help will various expenses we incur.

RB Boutique