FAQs for Parents and Students

We have complied a list of some of the frequently asked questions from RB students and parents.  Please note that answers to all of these questions as well as every other question you could possibly think of are available on the RB website.

The Parents tab on the RBHS website is particularly helpful, and there is also a search box which will allow you to look for specific information.

How do I put money in my child’s lunch account? 

RBHS uses the My School Bucks website for lunch.  Click on the link below to set up an account or login to your existing account to view your child’s balance or add funds to their lunch account. You can also see what they have purchased for lunch each day.  The money in your child’s account will be linked to their student ID (they use their student ID to pay for lunch each day).  By the way, you will need your student’s ID number which is listed on their student ID to register on the My School Bucks website, so get that number from your child before you proceed.

Link to your child’s lunch account

Link to view the daily menu

Do freshman have a school supply list? Where and when can I access the information?

No, students do not have a standard school supply list.  During the first week of class, each teacher will provide a syllabus which will typically includes the supplies needed for their class.  If you are seeking to purchase school supplies in advance, I would recommend purchasing a colored folder for each class as well as pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, etc.

How do I report my child’s absence or have my child released from class to get out of school early (for doctor appointment, etc.)? 

Here is the link view the RBHS Attendance Policy.  The phone number to call to report your child’s absence is 708-442-8407.  You must call prior to 10 am on the day or your child’s absence to excuse the absence.  You will leave a message with your student’s name, your relationship to the student, and the reason for their absence.

If you know in advance that your child needs an early release, you can send them to school with a note.  They will take that note to the office in the morning, and then, at the appropriate time for their release, they will come down to the office to sign out.  If the early release is an emergency, has short notice, or you forget to send a note,  you can call the early release number, 708-442-9090, to have your student pulled from class.

How does residency verification day work?

The school will send out an email inviting you to sign up for an appointment or registration / residency verification.    On that email, they will indicate the forms you need to bring in to verify residency within the district.  BOTH you AND your student must attend.When you arrive to the school for your appointment, you will go into the cafeteria where you will provide your residency verification forms which the staff will scan.  From there you will make your way through the remaining tables.

Your next stop will be the PTO table where you can sign up to join the PTO (so you can receive your school directory) and purchase sport and club decals.  The Music Sponsors and Booster Club also have booths where you can support the music and sports programs at RBHS.

The next tables are the school lunch table and nurse table.  Stop by the school lunch table to add funds to your child’s account or pick up a flyer with directions on how to register for a new account.  If your student is an incoming freshman, they will need to turn in a physical / immunization form before the first day of school. You can pickup a blank form or turn in your completed forms to the nurse’s table.

Your next step is the business office where you will pay your child’s school fees.  The school accepts checks or credit cards.  Please note that if your joining the PTO, supporting Boosters or Music Sponsors, or adding money to your child’s lunch account you will pay for each of these items separately at each table. At the business office table, you will be paying for your child’s school fees, activity fee, yearbook, parking permit (if approved) etc.  You will have received a letter in advance of the registration date letting you know the total.

Next,  your student will have their yearbook picture/student ID photo taken.  They will receive their student ID on the spot.

And finally, if you have an incoming freshmen, they will have their Chromebook issued to them.

This process takes about 30-45 minutes.

What is Skyward? How do I login?

Skyward is the system that RBHS uses to report grades. Here is the link to login to Skyward.  You can also reach the login page from the school’s webpage, RBHS208.net

The school will MAIL you your child’s login ID and password at the beginning of their freshman year.  It will stay the same through all four years of RB.  If you have forgotten your user name or password, you can click on the Forgot Your Login/Password? link on the Skyward page.

Use Skyward to view your child’s grades, test scores, missing homework, etc. in each of their classes.

 How can I get my login and password to Skyward?

The school will MAIL you your child’s login ID and password at the beginning of their freshman year.  It will stay the same through all four years of RB.  If you have forgotten your user name or password, you can click on the Forgot Your Login/Password? link on the Skyward page.

What is Schoology?  How is it different from Skyward? Is the login the same as for Skyward?

Schoology is the system that allows teachers and students to communicate about assignments and classroom happenings.  It is not a grade reporting system (Skyward is the grade reporting system).  You can reach Schoology by clicking on this link, or you can reach it from the link on the RBHS homepage.   The school will send you an email in August  with your Schoology username and password.  It is not the same as your Skyward password.  If you have questions or problems accessing Schoology, click this link to view an FAQ page.

What are HERO points? How does my child earn them?

HERO is the Parent/Student engagement tool to assist RB administrators in setting campus wide positive behavioral goals and assessing and allow parents to see how their student is measuring up. Students receive points for positive behaviors and lose points for negative behaviors.  The accumulated points can be used to purchase rewards at school.  Parents can login to view their child’s HERO information.  They can also set up push notifications to see when their child is late to school or have received an acknowledgement of positive behavior.  And, parents can communicate directly with teachers about their child’s behavior.  The HERO website is https://access.heropowered.com

To register, you will need your child’s student ID (that number is listed on their student ID card) as well as a unique activation code you received during registration way back in July.  If you don’t have your code or can’t find it, you can fill out this form to request it.

What is Day of Service? When is it?

Day of Service is an annual event sponsored by the RBHS PTO, bringing together students, faculty, and parents to perform service in locations through our community. Traditionally, sites have included river and park clean ups, tree planting, park restoration, play area enhancements, etc.  This is the PTO’s signature service event and an opportunity for students to give back to the communities which support them.  It is always held in April.  This year’s event will be held on April 28, 2018.  Students will sign up for service teams in April.  The PTO will send out a Sign Up Genius to parents so that parents may sign up to volunteer as well.  If you are interested in participating, please contact a member of the PTO board.

Does RB require service hours as a graduation requirement?

A new state law requires that all Illinois students participate in at least one community service activity prior to graduation.  At RBHS, our students will fulfill that requirement in their Government courses (taken their senior year).  Otherwise, there is no service hour requirement for graduation.  However, RBHS does help your student keep track of their service hours and will include them on their official high school transcript.  The service hours form can be found on the RBHS website, but you can also click here to download it.  Service Hours Form  Students will turn in their filled out forms to the main office, and their service hours will be added to their official transcript.   Although RBHS does not require a certain number of service hours for graduation, almost every college application includes a question about service

Where can I find the IHSA physical form on the school website?

It is on the Athletics link of the RBHS website (scroll down.  Its on the left hand menu).  But you can also click HERE to download it.

How do I set up a shadow day?

The shadowing experience at Riverside Brookfield High School is for students who either attend another high school and are considering a transfer to RBHS or attend a local feeder school and are considering options other than RBHS. The shadowing experience is meant to help the student with his or her decision on which high school to attend in the fall. Interested students must reside within the RBHS residency boundaries. Parents should contact the Director of Student Services, Beth Augustine (708)442-7500 x 2143 for more information and approval.

Can we come to tour the school?

Parents should contact the Director of Student Services, Beth Augustine (708)442-7500 x 2143 for more information and approval.

How will I receive my student’s report card?

You can view your student’s grades and report card any time using the Skyward link. Official report cards will be mailed to you in January and June.

How do I register my student for school?

Incoming freshman will begin the registration process in the fall of 8th grade.  Their first step it completing an online registration form followed by a placement exam.  After that, parents and students will attend registration on a Saturday in January.  Incoming freshman parents can view complete registration information here.

All current RB students will register for classes after meeting with counselors during the school year.  This typically occurs in February.  Your student will come home with a form for you to sign. Additional information can be found here.

During the summer, parents of all students you will receive an email to schedule a time for residency verification.  During residency verification, you will finalize your student’s registration.

If you are new to the district, you will need to complete the New Student Enrollment online.  That link also has information for enrolling transfer students.

How do I sign my student up for Driver’s Ed?

Students who wish to take driver’s ed during the regular school year can sign up for driver’s ed during normal registration.   Students can register for summer school driver’s ed during the spring when the summer class schedule is released. There is also a driver’s ed class offered at night.

 What are the registration fees and when are they due?

You will receive a letter during the summer verifying your student’s course selection and giving an exact breakdown of their registration fees.  Those fees vary depending on your child’s course selections (some classes including AP classes have additional fees.  The “standard” fees are listed below. Those fees can be paid during residency verification, or you may set up a payment plan at that time.

Registration fee $200

Technology Fee $100 Grade 9 / Technology Fee $30 Grades 10-12

Student ID’s (1st ID free, after that $5 replacement fee)

Activity Fee $25 (fee must be paid at time of 1st ID taken) – allows student into SchoolSponsored Activities (not including IHSA events)

PE Shirt & Lock – $25

Yearbook fee (optional)

How do I apply for free lunch?

You can find the application for free lunch on the Forms and Documents link on the Parents tab.  You can find it here in English or Spanish.

When do incoming freshman need to have their physicals/immunization records turned in?  

They are due on the first day of school. Here is the Immunization Form.

 Is my school ID my school picture?

Yep, it sure is. But don’t worry.  If you hate your photo, there IS a picture retake day.  (The only exception is seniors.  Seniors will schedule a senior photo shoot during the summer before their senior year.  They will be able to choose their yearbook photo from that senior photo shoot).

Where can I find the summer course offerings?

The summer academic and athletic course offerings will be posted on the RBHS website in mid spring.  You’ll find it on the home page and also under the Forms and Documents link on the Parents tab.

 Can I pay my fees online?

The Business Office accepts cash, checks, and Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards for school fee payments. Online credit card transactions will incur a $3.00 fee to offset a portion of the fees charged to the District by RevTrak.

 What does the activity fee cover?

The activity fee allows free entrance to most RB sponsored  activities with the exception of IHSA sponsored sporting events and prom.

 Does RB announce the Honor Rolls?

Honor Rolls are announced through the RB Landmark after each quarter.

 How do I sign up for the Math / Language placement exam?

General placement exams are taken during the fall for all 8th grade students. Parents will receive a letter in the fall explaining how to register your student for that exam.   Those scores will be used to determine your child’s placement.  However, students who wish to take Geometry their freshman year or  take Spanish 2 will need to take an additional placement exam for those courses.  This year’s exams will be on February 3, 2018.  To schedule your child for the foreign language exam, please click on this link. To schedule your child for the math exam, please contact Ms. Maughan at mynaughl@rbhs208.net.

Sign-ups for both tests can also be done at Future Bulldog Night (Wednesday, January 17, 2018) OR at freshmen registration (Saturday, January 27, 2018)


If my student has a study hall do they need to go to the exam during that period?

If a student has study hall or is an aide 2nd period and has finals 1st and 3rd, he/she must be in attendance in 2nd period study hall. Students in all other study hall periods do not have to be in attendance.

 How do I order an additional PE shirt?

Students can purchase an additional PE shirt during summer residency verification or at the school bookstore anytime.

 What Clubs/Activities does RB offer?

You can view a full list here.

 When will we get the placement exam results?

On Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. we will hold our Future Bulldog Night for important pre-registration instructions and information on our extra-curricular activities. You will receive results from the placement exam, recommended placements for your student’s freshman year, and have an opportunity to speak with Instructional Coaches from each department on Future Bulldog Night. Additionally, you will receive information about the registration process, course selections, and your registration appointment time for freshman registration on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

 Where can I drop something off to my student and how will they be notified that it’s there?

If you need to drop off something for your student during school hours, you will bring it to the main entrance of the school and drop it at the security desk.  Be sure to label the item with your child’s name.  The school does NOT notify the student that the item is there.  It is your responsibility to let your students know it is there.

 We have recently moved/my email has changed/my phone has changed. How do I update my info in Skyward?

To update your address, telephone number, or email address, login to your Skyward account and click on the My Account link.  From there, you will be able to update your information.

 How can I find out about AP courses/exams offered?

This information can be viewed in the annual Curriculum Guide.  The information regarding AP course selection from the 2018-2019 curriculum guide is listed below:


Students may receive college credit through a variety of credit offerings. Below is a list of options for students to choose from:

  1. Dual Credit: Riverside Brookfield High School Campus

Classes taught at RBHS: students receive high school and college credit.

These classes offer students the opportunity to receive credit which can be applied toward a high school diploma and/or a college/university degree. Students do not need to attend the college/university in order to earn credit for these courses. Students must earn a “C” in the course to earn college credit.

  • AP Chemistry (Loyola University)
  • AP Computer Science A (Loyola University)
  • AP Computer Science Principles (Loyola University)
  • AP Statistics (Loyola University)
  • College Algebra (Triton College)

2. Classes taught at RBHS with college credit opportunities.

Note: By law, all public colleges and universities in the State of Illinois must grant college credit to students who earn a 3 or higher on an AP exam.
Students need to review the AP course requirements in the Curriculum Guide. Entrance standards for specific AP courses are available from your counselor or the appropriate instructional coach.

AP Art History
AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science
AP Environmental Science AP European History
AP French
AP German
AP Language and Composition AP Literature
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP Music Theory
AP Psychology
AP Physics
AP Spanish Language
AP Spanish Literature
AP Statistics
AP Studio Art: 2-Dimensional Design AP Studio Art: Drawing and Painting AP Studio Art: 3-Dinensional Design AP US Gov. & Politics
AP US History
AP World History

 How do I make a change to my student’s schedule?

To make changes to your student’s schedule, please contact their guidance counselor.

 How do I find out who my student’s guidance counselor is?

To see who your student’s counselor is, login to your Skyward account and click on the Student Info link.  Your student’s counselor will be listed there.  Incoming freshman are assigned a guidance counselor during registration by the Director of Student Services, Beth Augustine.  She keeps families with the same counselor.  If you are an incoming freshman and wish to speak with your child’s counselors in advance of freshman registration, please contact Beth Augustine at (708)442-8355 x 2143.